Congratulations for Getting Started!

The IDEAL Plan Builder© creates personalized IDEAL Plans for financial advisors to achieve their vision of an ideal advisory practice.  An ideal advisory practice is one where you can serve the kinds of clients you want, the way you want, while living the lifestyle you want.

You will be going through the IDEAL Plan Process©:

Identify where you are now and where you want to go

Determine your business model and possible adjustments

Evaluate your skills and proficiencies in the seven Critical Business Elements

Assess your priorities based on your goals and proficiencies

Leverage resources in sequence to achieve your goals

Before you get started:

The Builder can take anywhere from 30-60 minutes so for best results, take your time and really think about your business.  There are about 70 questions, mainly multiple choice but with a few fillable text boxes. 

If you need to stop and come back to it, just save your progress first.   

Your completed plan will include all your answers along with ratings and specific recommendations. 

To begin please enter some basic information so that your report can be customized and emailed to you.